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Staff Applications is currently a protected page.
This means it can not be edited by regular users. To suggest edits, message a Content Moderator+ users.

**Mod Applications are always available.

Content Moderator Applications

You are:

  • A user who has at least 50 edits;
  • Experienced in wikitext and HTML;
  • Experienced with source editor;
  • Experienced with general moderation;
  • Experienced in the American English language; 
  • A regular player on Bubble Gum Simulator! ;
  • Interested in working closely with the moderation team;
  • Active on the wiki; and preferably are or have been a content moderator or equivalent on a Roblox wiki.

You will:

  • Create pages for new items from updated versions;
  • Oversee user pages and articles;
  • Constantly supervise the wiki activities; 
  • Work closely with the content moderators and administrators; and
  • Intercommunicate with the thread moderators when needed.

**You will not do thread moderator duties. NOTE: THREE SPOTS LEFT

Trend Moderator Applications

A few things we are looking for in your application are the following:

  • A user who has at least 50 posts;
  • Any type of wiki moderation experience (if none, please specify that).
  • Any other moderation experience such as Roblox group, Discord, etc. 
  • Your availablility (and current moderator/administrator roles on other wikis if applicable).
  • Other comments.

Writing in paragraphs is preferable. Grammar and syntax will also be evaluated.

To better your chances for the discussion moderator role, we are looking for someone who is...

  • active in Discussions and Social Activity; 
  • plays actively on Bubble a Gum Simulator! 
  • good with communication via Discord; and/or
  • advanced in American English writing.
I look forward to speaking with you!
If you have any questions, please ask away in the comment section below!


Admin Applications

You are:

  • A user who has at least 100 edits;
  • Active on the wiki;
  • Have no bans/blocks with in a week of applying for Admin;
  • Following the rules;
  • Plays actively on Bubble Gum Simulator! ;
  • Have been Content or Trend Moderator; and successful as a Content or Trend moderator (meaning your roles have not been taken away and you have a clean record).

You will:

  • Be supervising the Wiki Activity from time to time;
  • Work closely with preferably all staff members;
  • Warn/Block users when necessary;
  • Keep this wiki safe;
  • Intercommunicate and help moderators when necessary;
  • Edit, fix and/or add fan content with other staff;
  • Not use inappropriate words;
  • and work hard to improve this wiki to be a lot better!
  • preferably do moderator duties.


CSS Operator Application

A few things that we are looking for/ a few things that can better your chances:

  • Someone who knows complex CSS Codes (e.g. Portal Templates, Animations, WebKit codes).
  • Someone who is good in source/visual/MediaWiki coding.
  • Someone who does it for the interest.
  • Someone who has administrator/admin+ roles in similar wikis and have done CSS Coding there. (You can use the key below to add up your “points” and tell me in replies too.)
  • Someone who is polite and have a clean record (no warns/blocks).
  • An admin or bureaucrat can not apply for CSS Operator, but roles lower then admin (not including blocked users) are allowed to apply.