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To do List

What we are looking for: It can be achieved by:
A stats calculator on the pets infobox. It can be done by a complexed CSS code, if you know how to do add it, please contact a wikia Administrator or Bureaucrat.
200 active editors. If you are willing to help out, you can advertise the wiki on social media. However, please read the rules, as some wikis don’t allow advertising.
Add many fan content pages as possible! If you are willing to help out, go ahead and add some pages! We recommend ibisPaint X (iPad), SketchBook (both), PhotoFox (both), PhotoPea (browser), Procreate (iPad; costs money), MS Paint (Microsoft computer), and Roblox Studios (Computer) when designing!
Protect all pages on the wiki Due to vandalism, all pages need to be protected you can help by reporting any unprotected pages to wiki staff so they can protect it, also if you see any vandalism you can help by reverting it.
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