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What are scams

A scam in BGS is an action in which one player tries to trick another player into a bad trade or stealing other pets. It can happen in many different ways, but there are ways to avoid them. This will be a guide for how to recognize different scams and how to avoid each one. Also, remember to report scammers to wiki staff or on the report page. You can also find known scammers here.

Types of Scams and how to avoid them

Scam Name How it works How to avoid it
Switch Scam The scammer attempts to offer a good pet but in the middle if the trade the scammer swaps the pet to a different one that looks alike but is much worse. Check the name and stats before accepting the trade if the pet your offering for is a secret pet check if it has the secret tag and when confirming check if it has the “Secrets you will receive“ tag or in the beginning of the trade look at if he/she has a pet that looks alike the pet your offering for.

For examples, see Help:Types of Scams and How To Avoid Them/Switch scam possibilities.

Dupe Scam A scammer (who is probably a hacker) has a duplicated pet (a pet that is copied using hacks) and offers the duped pet in the trade instead of the real one. This usually ends up in you getting trade banned and the pet not working. Make sure that the player does not have an unusual amount of that pet, such as many shinies or mythical versions of secret pets. Keep in mind that sometimes it can be hard telling the difference between a hard BGS grinder or a duper.
Game Scam A player tries tricking you into playing a game "for a free good pet". They will tell you to play guess the pet, then like the first person to hatch a legendary wins, then they will tell you that the person who trades them the best pets wins the good pet. After everybody trades them pets, they will leave the game and won't give the "winner" the pet. Don't play these games. Just play BGS. It is fun and we don't need to do those side things.
Borrow Scam A player will notice one of your pets and ask if they can borrow one real quick. If you say no, they will probably keep asking and come up with excuses like "It's for a video." That is most likely not true. Don't let them "borrow" the pet and report them. If you think that they ACTUALLY want to borrow it for a video, make sure that they trade you something valuable of theirs so they will lose something if they do try to scam you. Also check if they really have a channel if he doesn't decline the trade if the YT is famous trust them if he/she says its his/her alt account tell them to bring in their main if they don't, it's probably a scam. For more confirmation, they should have a star code beside their username in the player list.
Value Scam A player will try to trick you into thinking that the pet they are offering you is more valuable than your offer. Just use this wiki's value chart! If it is not on the value chart, it is either 0 or 1% value.
Alternative Account Trust scam A player will create 2 accounts and join the same server. Then, they will attempt to scam on one account (e.g. Duplicating, cross trading, or borrowing). Then he/she will accept the offer/request on the other account, then pretend they didn't get scammed. After that when a player comes, they take the pet and leave. Don't trust anyone to hold your pet if it seems unlikely to happen (e.g. duping has been patched so you can’t duplicate pets nowadays)- even if other people didn’t get scammed they probably may be an alt.
Trust Trading A player will offer you a very good pet, but say that it's a trust trade. It means that you have to give them pets first, before they give you the pet(s) offered. It is most likely a scam, as they will leave right away with your pets. Reject anyone who offers you a pet via trust trading, even your Roblox friends unless you know them in real life and you're friends with them. If your real-life friends "scam" you, it is most likely a prank. If the person offering via trust trading is a stranger or only a friend you know online, they're most likely trying to scam you.
"Advanced" Trust Trading This only happens with your friends you only know online. They may try to forge a good friendship between you and them, before offering a trust trade when they think you've got a good relationship with them. You should not reject their friend requests. Instead, take note of your friend's username, then report him/her (if they scammed you) at [1].
Shared Account Scam This is one of the most powerful and effective way a person can scam.

A person will come at you on Discord and say something like "Hey, I got scammed. Can we share an account?" and once you give your password, that person will change your password and sign out, leaving you with your account stolen! They can also steal all your pets and other in game items that way.

The best way to avoid this type of scam is to never give your password or click on insecure links and set up a pin so the hacker can’t change your password.
Hacking This is pretty easy. The hacker will somehow get your password and hack into your account, or they will make you click on an insecure link or game that clams to give you free Robux or something similar if you give them your username and password. Once they have access into your account, they can take everything from you. Never click free robux links or give your password. My friend Proffesor Michael (not a proffesor just his user) got scammed this way and lost a Radiance, 2 Shiny Cardinal Bunnies and more.
Sad Story Scam These type of scam mainly use sad stories to make you feel bad for them so you'll donate them pets. They will likely be faking it to scam pets, but there's still a small possibility that it's true. This type of scam is basically begging with a sad story involved so that there's a higher chance that you’ll give them pets, the set way to avoid this type of scam if to either not give anything at all, or give them a pet that you don't need. If you're a pro, why not give them something with value? It is not exactly wrong to beg.