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Hello everyone! Today we are going to teach you how to trade properly and safely! We have recently noticed that a lot of players have been getting bad trades, huge loses in values, or even scammed. So in this guide, we are going to teach you trading techniques to improve your inventory! Really hope this helps. Without further ado, let us get to it!

The Technique

Step 1: Finding & Requesting

First off, you need to find a person who is willing to trade with you! Now, don’t be too tempted to spam trade. That would probably get you reported and trade banned, else more ignored. For a change, you can send trade posts at the Trade Hub or the Trading Board! You can also post trades in Bubble Gum Simulator Wiki.

Step 2: Offer

When you have found a trading partner, you would have to offer for a pet! Make sure that you are getting a fair trade or a win in values. Also, be sure not to force your partner to confirm! That will make matters worse. Also, if you are getting offered pets that you don’t want even if they have high value, don’t be shy and ask for something else!

Step 2: Ask! W/L?

Once your partner has agreed, ask if it is a win or lose! You would definitely not want a huge drop in values in your inventory. Trust me. So, you can ask if it’s a win or lose at BGS Wiki’s Value Discussion!

Step 4: It’s a deal!

If your trade is a fair or good trade, you can accept it and deal it! Make sure to double check if the user is giving what is meant to be given. Also, wait up! Don’t confirm just yet!

Step 4: Ensnare the senses and smell the scams..

Be sure that the player is not scamming! Check the “secrets you will receive tag” if there is a secrets pet involved. Be sure to double-, triple- and quadruple check!

Step 5: You’re done!

Finally, you trade is complete. Say a “GG” in the chat! Enjoy the pet.
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