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What are Titles?


Titles in BGS are "ranks" awarded by completing certain missions such as hatching a secret pet, completing a task, and more. Titles are untradeable and some may be rarer than others which depends by the task. There are also event titles that you can purchase at Event Shops with in game currency and are only available for a limited time.

Fanmade Titles

Name How To Obtain Description Image Creator of Rank
Leader Of Hatching Get On The Daily/Weekly/All-Time Hatching Leaderboard You have been on the Hatching Leader Board users who have this title have hatched tons of eggs and are very skilled at BGS
BGSCommunityContentBOT Or XxProof324xX
Egg Minigamer 3,000 Awarded by obtaining 3,000 points on the Doggy Jump Minigame for three days in a row You have earned 3,000 points in Doggy Jump for 3 days Eggminigamer3000title.png DaBEASTKEATON2
Lord of Hatching Awarded by hatching 25,000 eggs Congratulations, you're a Lord of Hatching eggs
Egg Overlord Awarded by hatching 5,000,000 eggs Congratulations, you're excellent at hatching eggs!
OG Hatcher Awarded by hatching an Leviathan or Giant Robot Congratulations,

you have hatched 1 of the rarest pets in the game

OgHatcherTitle.png Randy545
BANNED Awarded by getting trade banned You've been duping pets in BGS you are now banned from trading BannedTitle.png Randy545
King Of Eggs Awarded by hatching all pets that have the chances of 1 in 100,000,000. Bow down to the King of Eggs Eggminigamer3000title.png DefildPlaysThinks
Win Or Lose? Win! Awarded by Trading Stronger Pet For OP Pets You've Been Rewarded For SD One
First Pro Awarded by hatching the first of any type of Secret pet released You've hatched the first of a secret pet your the First Pro Firstprotitle.png Randy545
Anti-Phantom Obtained For Deleting The Phantom In BGS You've Been Obtained As A SD Phantom
Elite Developer Awarded to developers Congrats, new dev!
BGS MasterX
Infinity Legend Obtained for 5,000 eggs+bubbles. Given to devoted grinders of BGS.
BGS Community ~Helper~