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The BGS Community Content Wikia Discord is a Discord server for editors and fans of the BGS Community Content Wikia. It is a place to chat about various things, from discussion about pet ideas to chatting about new updates, features, and forums.

You can hang out with the Staff there, ask for help, and make suggestions on improvements! For more information, you can ask an administrator on their message wall. Have a good time at BGS Community Content Wikia Discord!


  1. Register your account on Discord. It is recommended to download the Discord client for the device you are on.
  2. Use the invite link,, to join the server.
  3. Next, create your first post in the General channel. Introduce yourself and your wiki name. Note that you will not be allowed in if you do not present yourself.
  4. Finally, you can receive the automated welcome message and get chatting in Discord! (Work in progress)


  1. Be respectful. Don't engage in heated arguments, call people names, or be intentionally mean spirited. Do not excessively ping other users, especially staff. If you have problems with another community member, please talk to a moderator or staff member.
  2. Use the proper channel for discussions. #general is ONLY used for general chat; please don't post anything else there.
  3. Use polite language. Foul Language is strictly forbidden, as we wish to make our server as clean as possible.
  4. Please keep your username recognizable. We want people to understand who is speaking and be transparent in our discussions. Use “change nickname” by right-clicking your username in the right sidebar if your global Discord name is not recognizable to folks as your wiki identity.

NOTE: The above includes code taken from Community Central Discord Page.