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NOTE: MOST information may not be exact and some details may be lost. Each era changes after the Head Bureaucrat changes;

Wiki History

Notysean’s Era

During this era most of the wiki was founded and most important users joined this era ended after the wiki reached 200 pages and started to get a little inactive.

Gdbbsjxk founded the wiki on February 15, 2020 after he was permanently blocked on Bubble Gum Simulator Wiki.
Notysean joined and became head admin then bureaucrat after he asked to help on Gdbbsjxk’s message wall.
The head bureaucrat role was added and Notysean became the first head bureaucrat.
A few days later, a user got admin after he asked for it and vandalized most of the pages but was quickly blocked.
LoadingCodeWiki joined and became admin after Gdbbsjxk asked him to join and help create tons of fan content for the wiki.
LoadingCodeWiki created the wiki's logo and mascot named Petipedia and was used ever since.
Randy545 joined and added tons of fan ideas.
The first staff applications opened.
GpaSarge6 joined and became bureaucrat for a while, before quitting.
Randy545 became Content Moderator from staff applications.
On May 18th, 2020 Gdbbsjxk joined the Roblox Break In Wiki and tried to do a crossover with the other wiki.
On May 2020, the 2020 PE (2020 Pet Event) opened, based off of the 2020AE from the Roblox Break In Wiki, and was the first event on the wiki.
ARandomRobloxNoob and Sir Mlemos (formerly Something Username) won the 2020 PE.
Reached 200 pages and most of the wikis important pages are completed the wiki started to rise up to the Bubblegum Simulator 2 Wiki.
Gdbbsjxk started to try to do partnerships with other wikis but they declined.
Notysean started to become inactive.

SaltRay’s Era

During this era 2 new users joined after Notysean became inactive the wiki went down the two users grew the wiki back up, but this era ended after the founder became inactive.

Reached 50 joins including SaltRay’s old account.
SaltRay switched to his current account because his old account uses his real name.
DaBEASTKEAON2 joined and soon became admin and then bureaucrat after he proved himself as an active contributor.
On June 6th, 2020 a user from the Roblox Break In Wiki came and insulted SaltRay, which leaded to an argument on discussions, but was quickly resolved and SaltRay became a Content Moderator at the Roblox Break In Wiki to help with undoing vandalism.
On June 17th 2020, Gdbbsjxk, the wiki founder, is globally blocked on FANDOM due to vandalizing multiple wikis.
The wiki started to go down for a while after the founder was blocked.
Gdbbsjxk announced on his roblox group that he was only global blocked for a month, before announcing that it was changed to a week.
About a week later Gdbbsjxk became unblocked and started to regrow the wiki.
DaBEASTKEAON2 created the first egg that includes pages of all the pets in it.
GabyTheDuck's old account, DooggyTheGod, and his brother joined and added some fan ideas.
Ice Man joined and became admin after a partnership between the wiki and his Roblox game.
DaBEASTKEAON2 created a tutorial for the wiki on editing and was used on the mainpage ever since until the wiki theme update.
KenBeNooby featured the BGSCC Wikis page, Admin Pet on one of his videos mistaking it as a real pet.
The wiki reached 400 pages.
The second staff applications opened.
GabyTheDuck and ARandomRobloxNoob were selected as staff from the staff applications.
Gdbbsjxk became inactive for a month and most staff started to leave.

BGS MasterX’s Era

On September 29th after Gdbbsjxk became inactive the other users slowly became inactive as will and many vandals came to the wiki this era takes place a month after the end of SaltRay’s Era and was the start of a new generation of wiki staff.

Gdbbsjxk came back a month later.
Gdbbsjxk opened the 3rd staff applications.
BGS MasterX submitted an application on Gdbbsjxk’s message wall and was promoted to Content Moderator due to the wiki being dead.
UnknownBanErrorX1 joined and posted many of his fan ideas on discussions.
One afternoon, a vandal came to the wiki and vandalised some pages of the wiki. However, the vandalism was quickly dealt with by BGS MasterX, as well as the vandal being blocked after BGS MasterX was promoted to admin.
Some of the other staff that were inactive started to come back.
UnknownBanErrorX1 became a Content Moderator for being an active fan content creator.
Silent Killer 51 joined and became a content moderator from staff applications.
The vandal came back on another account after he was permanently blocked and threatened to vandalise all pages on the wiki, but was quickly blocked.
UnknownBanErrorX1 forgot his password so he came back on a new account called ScriptedMatt and regained Content Moderator.
The vandal started to abuse multiple accounts to impersonate users on the wiki such as Carter, Gdbbsjxk, and UnknownBanErrorX1.
For a unknown reason ScriptedMatt left and came on a new account UnknownBanErrorX1 AlternativeUser and BGSCC User Helper.
The vandal left the wiki and went to vandal the Banning Simulator 2 Wiki.
The vandal announced that he quit vandalizing all wikis on the Banning Simulator 2 Wiki.
BGS MasterX got promoted to Bureaucrat after he asked.
BGS Community ~Helper~ joined and got promoted to content moderator.
BGS Community ~Helper~ got admin due to many staff being inactive.
SaltRay moved his bureaucrat to his new account, SylentlyObscure. (It happened precisely the same day)
SaltRays alt SylentlyObscure, got global blocked due to vandalising 4 pages of the Roblox Break In Wiki after he got mad for not being welcomed on the Roblox Break In Wiki.
A week later, SylentlyObscure’s block ended.
Silent Killer 51 logged out and became inactive.
LizardInABlizzard joined and got Discussions Moderator for being active on discussions.
UnknownBanErrorX1’s other account BGSCC User Helper became very toxic to LizardInABlizzard because LizardInABlizzard told him to put his posts on the right categories.
UnknownBanErrorX1’s other account BGSCC User Helper quit the wiki and removed his roles.
UnknownBanErrorX1 returned on a new account KenBeNooby - YT.
BGSCC User Helper"s new account, KenBeNooby - YT, abused another 5 accounts.
On 10/25/2020, the 4th staff applications was opened including a application for a new role, the CSS Operator.
On November 3rd, 2020, The wiki was migrated to UCP.
KenBeNooby went to ComicTalk Wiki and reported the Captain Underpants page there and the users there hated on him which lead to other events.
After KenBeNooby - YT started the drama at ComicTalk Wiki, ComicTalk Wiki decided to block everyone on the BGSCC Wiki to remove drama on the wiki, this made the users on the BGSCC Wiki start to protest at the ComicTalk Wiki.
KenBeNooby - YT brought more drama from ComicTalk Wiki to the Worldencyc Wiki and Big Nate Comments Wiki.
The drama made a war between the four wikis and many users came to the BGSCC Wiki to spread hate towards the wiki.
A peace treaty between BGSCC Wiki and ComicTalk Wiki was made and soon another was made with the Worldencyc Wiki but users at Big Nate Comments Wiki still didn’t stop.
A few days later a peace treaty between BGSCC Wiki and Big Nate Comments Wiki.
BaconBoi1111 joined and started adding category’s to the wikis pages and helped fix grammar on pages.
BaconBoi1111 became a Content Moderator.
Gdbbsjxk changed the wiki's style and updated the main page.
SaltRay quit and went to the Worldencyc Wiki to edit there.
About week later SaltRay came back and asked for his head bureaucrat back but BGS MasterX won’t give it back for not editing much on the wiki.
LoadingCodeWiki came back.
War started, SaltRay and LoadingCodeWiki versus BGS MasterX, BaconBoi1111, CyberDGuy, and BGS MasterX’s followers and siblings.
War sort of ended, but wiki is still chaotic; SaltRay signed a peace treaty.
On 11/30/2020, BGS MasterX announced that the wiki reached 600 pages.
LoadingCodeWiki got blocked due to toxicity.
Due to the drama Gdbbsjxk decided to remove the Head Bureaucrat role, which is useless.

Gdbbsjxk’s Gen

As of December 2020, the Eras were removed. Gens has risen: and Gdbbsjxk starts his own Gen

After the drama, Silent Killer 51 announced that he will be coming back.
The wiki became inactive on discussion posts, but remained active on edits.
SaltRay said he was sorry repeatedly, and stated the wiki is "a wiki with to "(sic)" many staff, a political wiki".
BGS MasterX discovered that he was hacked from seeing several strange activity that he didn’t do on the BGS Wiki.
A user who hacked the wikia bot during the late Notysean’s Era came back and began to vandalize, but got blocked.
On 12/9/2020, Its announced that on February 15, 2021 the wiki will be celebrating its 1st Anniversary with the 2021PE based off of the 2020PE during Notysean’s Era.
Even though the war has ended, but it’s not entirely over, so on 12/11/2020, Gdbbsjxk made a peace treaty between the two sides to end the war.
On December 21, 2020, the wiki reached 1000 total discussion posts.
Gdbbsjxk is globally blocked for 2 weeks due to a hacker hacking him posting threatening messages, while BGS MasterX became inactive and the wiki started getting vandalized.
Gdbbsjxk is unblocked and added new features (BGS Cards, Medals, Wiki Activity, and design updates) to the wiki with BGS MasterX, who also became active.
Wiki hit 666 pages, seen as disaster by CyberDGuy. He has always seen "666" as a curse, though.
Wiki slowly becomes inactive.
A user from BGS Wiki vandalized fan content pages and profiles, he was blocked by BGS MasterX and broke the record of the most amount of pages vandalized on the wiki.
Gdbbsjxk accidentally removed his bureaucrat but BGS MasterX won’t give him bureaucrat back so he can rule the wiki. after that Gdbbsjxk became inactive.
DaBEASTKEATON2 returned! And BGS MasterX decided to make him and DaBEASTKEATON2 leaders of the wiki.
Gdbbsjxk returned and the community started a poll to demote BGS MasterX.
The community voted DaBEASTKEATON2 as the only leader of the wiki and Gdbbsjxk quit for a day.
BGS MasterX left, and DaBEASTKEATON2 promoted Gdbbsjxk back to Bureaucrat.
The wiki affiliated with the BEAR Content Wiki and the Puppy Wiki.
The Puppy Wiki got closed a day after the affiliation for being a wiki used solely for discussion and not content, so the affiliation between BGS Community Content Wikia & Puppy Wiki is removed.

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