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StaffRules-Header.jpg {{DISPLAYTITLE:Wiki Staff Rules]] Hello, user, these are the rules for staff. It is not necessary to follow unless given any Staff rights.

General Rules

  • Follow ALL the Wiki Rules and Staff Rules.
  • Try NOT to hand out blocks longer or shorter then usual.
    • For example: Giving a month block to a user who put his post in the wrong category. Another example is: Blocking a user for three days for abusing multiple accounts and vandalizing multiple pages.
  • Do NOT abuse your power.
    • This includes giving false warnings or blocks, giving free roles, or removing other users roles for no reason.
  • Do NOT cheat your roles.
    • This includes using your roles to threaten the wiki or vouch for a warning/block for an unacceptable reason.
  • Do NOT randomly open a staff application without permission from other staff.
    • Ask a bureaucrat before doing it.
    • You also cannot open an application just to promote yourself/beg for a promotion.
Punishment Policies

  • Giving blocks shorter/longer then usual
  • Minor Toxicity
  • Foul Language
  • Falsifying Design Credits
  • Cursing
5-7 Days Block + 1 strike
  • Minor Vandalism
  • Spamming/Long Threads
  • Toxicity
  • Harassment
  • Bullying
  • Posting off site links
  • Abusing Power (False Warning/ False Mass-Warning/ False block 1-14 days)
  • Inserting false/unnecessary information in articles
7-14 Days Block + 1 strike
  • Creating Spam Articles
  • Vandalism
  • Mass Power-Abusing (False 2 weeks+ Block)
  • Giving moderator/administrator rights without permission of senior staff
2-4 Weeks Block + 1 strike
  • Major Vandalism
  • Giving bureaucracy roles
  • Attempting to scam (In any way)
  • Uploading Inappropriate files
  • Hate Speech against game/community
  • False Permanent Block
  • Cheating roles
  • Mass-Vandalising (for bot staff accounts such as mass edit (vandalism), mass block or automated posting inappropriate messages)
Permanent Block+ Roles Removed + Report to Community Central