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What are Staff?

There are currently 9 administrators in this wiki.

Wiki Staff Members are users with certain rights and abilities in order to protect, improve, moderate, administrate, operate, help, and manage the Wiki Community, ranging from a Local status (Rights only available on the wiki in which you have been given the role on.) to a Global status (Rights availed in every wiki). The staff members have different jobs according to their role tags, rights, and assigned tasks by a senior staff. Coffee instance, content moderators are not supposed to do Thread moderator duties, and vice versa, but administrators do have rights of a content moderator and thread moderator, because they are more senior and are automatically given moderator rights when given the role. Bureaucrats are the same as administrators but are more senior, they can make changes and give/revoke rights at will, and the most trusted users of the group. From most lowest to highest powers availed in the local group, it would be autoconfirmed users, then rollbacks, thread moderator, content moderator, administrator, bureaucrat, and founder.

Staff keep this wiki running and are very important to the wiki if you want to apply to be a Staff and meet the requirements reply here at Staff Applications.

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