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Management and Content Team

The BGS Community Content Wiki Management and Content Team are made up of volunteers and supporters to grow, expand, and manage various parts of the wiki. They have no staff powers, but still more senior compared to normal users. They are still roles, however, and you will get a notice on your wall if you are invited as a member of the Management and Content Support Team. Unfortunately, people can join only by invite and not applying. Staff members are automatically part of the team, so we would not add them below. There are various roles you can get, listed below, from least senior to most. 10 stands for the most high in seniority, then 9 for great, 8 for good, 7 for decent, 6 for fine, 5 for still okay, 4 for medium, 3 means bad, 2 means low, and 1 means very low.

  • Senior Wiki Secretary and Content Management Team Lead
  • Wiki Content Lead (10)
  • Wiki Expert Lead (10)
  • Content Manager (9)
  • Wikia Event Hosts (8)
  • CP Manager (8)
  • Wiki Advisor (7)
  • Official Pet Designer (7)
  • Wiki Expert (7)
  • General Moderator (6)
  • Content Helper (6)
  • CP Intern (5)
  • Report Team (6.5)
  • Appeal Team (6.5)

Management and Content Team

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