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What is the Content Rating System?

The BGS Community Content Rating System is used to help users edit and know what page to edit it is based by Lowest number being the best pages and the highest being the worst.

Content Rating System Numbers

  • Screenshot (20).png Unrated Articles - These articles are "unrated", and need to be changed by a Staff member to bring the article to a higher class rating.
  • Rating-5-glossy.png Class 5 Articles - These articles need immediate attention. (stubs, deletion requests etc.) You can help these pages by adding more information to them, ensuring that all the correct templates are being used on the page, adding categories, and linking it to other articles and other articles to it to name a few.
  • Rating-4-glossy.png Class 4 Articles - Articles that are (or should be) tagged with maintenance requests and have only little content, You can help by adding more content to them, correcting templates, adding background information etc.
  • Rating-3-glossy.png Class 3 Articles - Articles that are acceptable but still need some work to be best.  These include short articles that have little content in them.
  • Screenshot (16).png Class 2 Articles, also known as Complete Articles -  Class 2 articles meet the Rules, but could be longer and more detailed to attract and keep users.
  • Rating-1-glossy.png Class 1 Articles, also known as Good Articles - Are complete articles that meet the Rules in almost every way