This potion, when brewed with the Uno Reverse Potion, will make a Tricky New Year Egg Maker Potion.


  • This potion is harmful, and if you drink it, you will be transported to the hospital and you will have to drink a Cure Potion, which the first ingredient is obtained by brewing a Vaccine Potion, a piece of Watermelon Gum, a piece of a Candy Cane, a piece of Gold Gum, a Candy Heart, and 1 million Bubble Gums at The Lab. Next, trade with one of the Starter Area people to get a Queen Egg and hatch it. Breed the pet with anybody female, then bring in the resulting Egg to The Lab and brew it with a piece of Gold Gum before it hatches. It will result in a Rare Queen Watermelon Gum. That is the second ingredient. Next, get a random Potion (not a harmful one, if you put that in, it will turn into this potion (1921 ??? ??? Potion)) from the Starter Area. The random Potion will be your third ingredient. Then, you have to go back to the Lab to brew these. Brew them together, then go get a Rare Heal Potion from the Fictpedia World. Brew the potion with the Rare Heal Potion, and you get the Cure Potion! Error potions resulting from wrong ingredients is this potion (1921 ??? ??? Potion), and the Rare Heal Cure Potion.
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